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Sheregesh is not only a Mecca of freeriding, but also a great place for a comfortable pastime!

For those who are looking for comfort and hospitality in the village of Sheregesh then hotels are the best choice. "Olga, is the number one hotel." This is what our regular customers say, who have compared it with all the hotels in Sheregesh.

Are you sick and tired of a business dress code and stuffy offices? Just leave them behind! Discover the land which has united the splendor of the taiga and the comfort of our hotel — the land of Sheregesh. The official web-site of "Olga" will give you the recipe for an unforgettable rest. After all "Olga" has a relaxed "romantic fusion" atmosphere amid the mountains and crystal snow.

All the advantages of Siberian hospitality have been embodied in this 4-star fusion of reliable classics with the courage of modernity. Make the most of your rest because now you are in the best place in Siberia!


What has Sheregesh to offer you?

The official web-site will give you an idea about our facilities:

  • Indoor skating rink, tennis court and billiard room
  • Finnish sauna, banya and swimming pool
  • Solarium and massage room
  • And many other things!

But what really matters is the feeling of limitless freedom and joy! Various famous sportsmen, artists and media stars have spent unforgettable days and nights here using our facilities. Trust their sophisticated taste as they are real connoisseurs of good rest. Regardless of how many hotels there are in Sheregesh the official site brought them here to "Olga". Not for a single moment have our guests had any regrets about their stay here!

You might want to leave your luxurious room and experience outdoor thrills! Our ski resort suits those looking for active recreation! At all times challenging ski trails and breathtaking excursions are at your disposal. And all this adrenaline buzz is specially for you!

If you are already familiar with the amenities of "Olga" from our web-site, Sheregesh is waiting for you to come. Our welcoming staff are always happy to look after your every need!


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