Dear guests, these are the accommodation rules in the "Olga" hotel.

I. Check-in order and payment procedure

  1. 24/7 working time.
  2. The booking contract is made in a form of a document which is signed by two parties, namely the Customer and the Hotel , as well as by phone, e-mail, fax or by other means of communication which securely allow for the identification of the Customer. In case of being more than 1 day late the booking is annulled without any refund.
  3. Booking department tel.: + 7 (3843) 900-222; web-site:; e-mail:
  4. The accommodation service contract shall be formalized upon presentation of the following identity documents to the hotel administrator: a passport, military service card, ID card or any other duly made identification document which confirms the identity; children under 14 are to present a birth certificate; foreign citizens are to present an international passport and visa).
  5. The accommodation and services fee is paid on the basis of open (contract) prices in cash in roubles or by card.
  6. The universal check-out time is 12 pm of the current day, local time. Check-in time is 14-00.
  • Accommodation fee is charged on the basis of the universal check-out time -12pm of the current day local time.
  • Provided there is a delay of up to 6 hours in departure after the check out time ,the accommodation fee shall be charged upon an hourly basis.
  • Provided there is a delay of 6 to 12 hours after the check-out hour, the half-day accommodation fee shall be charged.
  • Provided there is a delay of 12 to 24 hours after the check-out hour, the full-day accommodation fee shall be charged. o For part-day staying, the whole-day fee shall be charged. irrespective of the time of departure.
  • A one day delay in arrival annuls the booking without any refund.
  • An accommodation fee for children under 5 years old shall not be charged without an extra bed being provided..
  • An accommodation time extension is possible provided rooms are available and is left to the discretion of the administration..

      7.  Services:

  • Breakfast.
  • Room for storing and drying ski equipment.
  • Open car park.
  • TV.
  • Hair dryer.
  • Telephone.
  • Wake-up service.
  • Delivery of correspondence to your room.
  • Ambulance call.
  • First-aid kit.

     8.  Guests can be provided with extra services which are not included in the accommodation fee.

     9.  Upon check-out, the Guest shall finally settle the accounts for hotel services rendered (mini-bar,room-service, telephone service etc.), check out off the room and return the room key to the hotel administrator. In case of any hotel equipment loss or damage by the Guest, the Guest shall 100% compensate the damage as per the effective price list.

II. The "Olga" hotel policies

  1. The Guests staying at the hotel are required to keep it clean and take good care of appliances, furniture and other things placed in their rooms and other public places.

  2. Upon the settlement it is worth taking note of the list of the room furnishings. Should something from that list be missing or upon the detection of any damage the Guest should notify the administrator on duty.

  3. The electronic key to the room and the Guest’s card must be kept safe. The Guest’s card is the guarantee of the Guest’s personal safety. Upon departure the electronic key must be returned to the front office.

  4. The hotel administration shall be responsible only for the belongings left in the safe deposit boxes at the reception desk. The hotel administration shall not be held responsible for the belongings left in the room.

  5. The Guests are required to keep the fire safety rules.

  6. The hotel rooms may have mini-bars with alcoholic and soft drinks. The drinks in the mini-bar are not included in the accommodation fee and must be paid for separately.

  7. The rooms are cleaned daily. The room shall be cleaned provided the Guest hangs a notice on the door handle stating "Please clean room".

  8. The linen in the hotel is changed every 3 days. At your request the linen can be changed more frequently for an additional fee.

  9. The staff and the Guests are required to keep public order and show mutual respect.

  10. Upon departure the Guests are required to settle all the bills for the services rendered and return the room keys to the duty administrator.

  11. When leaving the room the Guests are required to turn off taps, switch off the light, TV and other appliances, close windows and doors.

  12. It is prohibited to place unauthorized objects into power supply control unit of the room or to leave the key-card there when vacating the room.

  13. All Guests of our hotel have equal rights and they are required to follow the Hotel Policies, fire safety and sanitary norms.

  14. It is not recommended to invite strangers to your room, leave them alone in the room or give them the keys. Visitors are only allowed in the Guests` rooms upon prior registration with the administrator. The visitors’ stay after 23.00 is subject to an additional payment. The number of Visitors can’t exceed the number of available beds.

  15. All complaints and proposals regarding hotel service may be put in the guest book.

  16. It is strictly prohibited to bring into the hotel drinks or food bought in from outside the grounds of the hotel . There are CCTV cameras in the grounds of the hotel. You are also kindly requested to be aware of cameras which are installed everywhere indoors except the rooms and toilets.

  17. In case of emergency Guests are required to contact the hotel security.

  18. In the hotel it is prohibited:

  • To make noise and disturb other Guests from 23.00 to 07.00
  • To smoke in the rooms (the Federal Law of 26.07.06 "On the Restriction of Tobacco Smoking" article 6.par.1). Smoking inside the rooms is subject to a penalty of 20,000 roubles with a subsequent refusal to provide further accommodation. The penalty shall be included in your bill upon your departure.
  • To keep animals and birds in the hotel.
  • To walk inside the hotel wearing ski boots.
  • To leave unauthorized people in your room while you are out.
  • To pass room keys to unauthorized people.
  • To leave the water tap running, balcony doors open, electrical appliances and lights on while you are out.
  • Should these rules be broken, the hotel administration is entitled to refuse to provide further accommodation to the Guest.    

     19.  The hotel staff are expected to be treated with respect and courtesy.

III. Fire safety rules

  1. It is strictly prohibited to smoke inside the hotel rooms

  2. Take precautions using electrical appliances, household chemicals and other hazardous substances, materials and equipment.

  3. It is prohibited to leave electrical heating appliances plugged in or to use them without noncombustible support.

  4. After use all the electrical equipment shall be unplugged.

  5. It is prohibited to utilize home made heating appliances.

  6. It is prohibited to keep and use highly flammable liquids, explosive materials and bottled gas.

  7. It is prohibited to block the doors, emergency exits and stair halls with furniture or other large objects.

  8. It is prohibited to cover bracket lamps with highly flammable materials.

IV. Fire emergency procedure

  1. Report the fire to the hotel Administrator.

  2. Leave any hazardous and smoke filled room using evacuation ways as per the evacuation plan on the floor.