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Dear colleagues!

To enter a contract you are to provide the following documents:

  • An extract from the Register of Companies (EGRYUL) issued not more than 1 month ago (the original or the notarized copy).
  • A record/A decision about setting up a company (the copy certified by the company’s seal).
  • A record about the appointment of the director with a note of duties and term of office (copy certified by the company’s seal).
  • A power of attorney giving right to sign the present contract, duly notarized (if anybody but the director of the company signs it).
  • Chief Accountant Appointment Order (copy notarized by the company’s seal).
  • Certificate of registration with the tax authorities (INN).

NB that both hotels ("Olga" and "Berloga") require different contracts.

Should you want to receive the contract form, send a request to the e-mail or phone the Booking Department +7 (3843) 900-222.

Two signed copies of contracts shall be sent to the following address: 654034, ООО "ГРИН", house 9, Kuznetsk Shosse, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast.