A popular ski resort, Sheregesh is located in a picturesque area of Gornaya Shoria in the Tashtagol region of Kemerovo oblast. Lovers of winter sports never miss the start of the ski season  and end up coming here. Sheregesh is sometimes called the  «Siberian Switzerland»  blessed as it is with lots of ski trails and the warmth and comfort of the «Olga» hotel.

Sheregesh is located in the very heart of Siberia and will therefore  delight you with the purity of the environment , the imposing mountains and the crispy taiga air! So, what makes Sheregesh resort so popular?  All ski and snowboard lovers know about this area with its  easy road access and a constantly improving infrastructure.

Every year thousands of skiers choose Sheregesh  for its  delightful restaurants and  extensive cable road network. 17 bar lifts and cable lifts enable tourists to get to the top of the Mount with ease. Just pick the one  that suits you best! Out of season skiing is another feature that Sheregesh is famous for. There are  fascinating mountain routes in Sheregesh including those on  Mustag, Zelenaya, Kurgan and Utuya. The slopes are available for skiing from November to May.

Sheregesh resort is a wonderful place for  off piste skiers who will a have a chance to experience untouched slopes for freeriding. A descent on such trails will  leave you with a sense of exhilaration  and will make you come back again and again to this magnificent area. 


How to reach Sheregesh ski resort 

It is not difficult to reach Sheregesh. There is an excellent transport system with  bus routes which are constantly being developed. Pick the best kind of transportation for yourself: 

  1. Through Novokuznetsk.  Novokuznetsk is the closest city  to Sheregesh which has an airport. The air ticket cost amounts to about 10,000 roubles  and the planes arrive in Novokuznetsk early in the morning. This means you can start your unforgettable mountain ski experience the very same day. The distance between Novokuznetsk and Sheregesh is about 170 kilometers which takes about 2.5-3 hours.There are shuttle buses and taxis at your disposal. Unfortunately there is not a  direct bus from Novokuznetsk to Sheregesh. Either you change buses in Tashtagol or use a taxi which is a more convenient way to get here.
  2. Through Novosibirsk. You can reach Novosibirsk by plane or train. Then you can take a charter bus or a taxi to Sheregesh.  The distance  is 530 kilometers which usually makes a 7 to 9 hours trip.
  3. Through Kemerovo. You can reach Kemerovo either by plane or by train. From there  buses and taxis are available to take you to Sheregesh.

 Experience the  extraordinary vastness and pristine beauty of Siberia and you will never forget Sheregesh with its fine resorts and the place where a warm welcome always awaits.....The «Olga» hotel.