Freeride is nowadays a popular style of snowboarding and skiing performed off piste.

Some people believe that freeride allows a sportsman to demonstrate his mastery and to fully unlock his talents and the potential of his equipment. What is more, off-trail skiing is not risk-free as riders are not fully familiar with the terrain and put their lives at risk from avalanche.

Freeride Sheregesh

Sheregesh, in this respect, has an advantage over other ski resorts. Due to the unique natural environment, which eliminate the risk of avalanches and provides a skier-friendly environment, it is often called the Free riders’ Mecca. Stable snow cover, up to 4 meter thick, provides the most continuous and convenient natural-snow season in Russia.

Free ride: need for freedom, responsible freedom

The Sheregesh snow is unique being cold and crisp whilst the air is mild and is very popular with free riders.