Ski trails and bar lifts

Trails of Zelenaya mountaun At the skiers’ disposal there are four mountains: Zelenaya, Mustag, Kurgan and Utuya. Mount Zelenaya is favored by extreme skiing lovers. Sheregesh is famous across

Western Siberia and all Russia for its ski trails, as confirmed by the International Ski Organization FIS. The unique snow and various mountainous conformation are the guarantee of your unforgettable winter experience. By the way, Mount Zelenaya has, at almost 4000 meters, the longest ski trail in Sheregesh.

Without doubt Mount Zelenaya and Sillsheregesh are, on the whole, the places for keen skiers and snowboarders. There are trails for both the former and the latter. Do you

have passion for off piste? Then you can satisfy your hunger for adrenaline here! Fearless daredevils who despise the beaten tracks will enjoy the thrills of our winding paths.

Ski trails on mount Zelenaya

Mount Zelenaya is traditionally divided into two ski zones: Sector A and Sector B. Let’s look at them in detail.

Sector A has 8 ski trails of different difficulty including "black-red" and "black". That means that both inexperienced amateurs and skillful professionals are going to find the trails which suit them. Two trails have FIS conformity certificates. On both sides of the bar lifts are powder snow areas — almost deserted slopes for free riding.

Sector E includes 2 ski trails and 2 types of lifts — a bar lift and a gondola lift. Local ski trails are open for tourists even during snow storms because an artificial snow system makes it possible to maintain a unique climate and snow surface.

E Sector is "young" and is being rapidly developed. The range of entertainments is growing and each year surprises its tourists with something new. Follow our news to stay informed.

To sum up, if you are interested in Mount Zelenaya, Sheregesh is waiting for you and the "Olga" hotel will open its doors in welcome to a world of comfort.

Resort map

Ski lifts in Sheregesh


m min
1. Gondola lift (E Sector) 3200 9
2. Bar lift (E Sector) 960 9
3. -----------------------------    
4. "Panorama" Chairlift 1800 6
5. Lower Bar lift "Sky Way" 1200 8
6. Gondola lift "Sky Way" 2500 12
7. Upper Bar lift "Sky Way" 1600 10
8. "Sporthotel" bar hotel 650 3
9. "OLGA" bar lift 1000 8
10. Lower bar lift 1000 6
11. "Shoria-Tour" Cable road 1980 15
12. Upper bar lift 1000 7
13. "Sporthotel" 2/650 cable road 650 4
14. "Cascad-Podjem" Bar lift 600 4
15. "Cascad-Podjem" Cable road 1780 12
16. "Cascad-Podjem" Bar lift 980 7
17. "Cascad-Podjem" Cable road 2000 9

1 ride ticket on the "Olga" bar lift — 40 roubles. One day ticket — 400 roubles.