Corporate events

The "Olga" hotel and entertainment center can offer you good and effective organization for your business meetings, conferences, seminars, training sessions, celebrations and jubilees.

Corporate event organization is a responsible as well as a creative process for us. We do our best to make your occasion happy, memorableand to knit together the members of your team.

There is a full set of services available such as conference-rooms (up to 110 seats), a business center, modern equipment, broadband, coffee break facilities, a business lunch and banquet service, and transfers.

The "Olga" hotel and entertainment center has varied rooms of different prices and to meet a variety of requirements. Our hotel can accommodate over 250 people.

Such things as entertainment programs, contests and competitions are aimed to make your corporate party a success.

We will take into account all your requests and will carefully plan any celebration including outdoor corporate parties, company anniversaries and picnics.