Russian Bath (Banya)

Russian Bath (Banya)According to the philosophy of our ancestors the Russian Bath (Banya) entailed the four elements of  nature: water, fire, earth and air. Thus, a human who had experienced the Banya acquired the power of these elements and had a feeling of rebirth.

A stylish interior  comes with modern amenities including a fine steam room, fire wood, Banya whisks and a  swimming pool together with various food and drinks. All these will let you experience the true pleasure of the Russian Banya.

Working time: 24/7 (at customer’s request).

It’s not a secret that a good Banya makes you feel hungry! Therefore there is a restaurant food and drinks delivery service at your disposal. You can also order herbal tea and tonic beverages with delicious desserts. Ask the administrator for prices and  menu.

Cost (for 6 people)

1 hour

4 hours and more

Working days

1 200 Р

1 000 Р/hour


1 800 Р

1 500 Р/hour


One extra person — 200 roubles

The Banya service has to be paid for a minimum of 2 hours.  

Maximum of 6 people at a time 

Children under 5 get it for FREE

Booking tel.: +7 961 710 3555