Sauna «Berloga»The Finnish Sauna has a recuperative effect. It improves blood circulation,  accelerates metabolism for short periods of time, removes toxins  from the body and  tones the skin. The benefit of the Finnish Sauna is the result of the optimal proportion between the temperature (which is up to 100°C)  and humidity level (which is approximately 15 %).

Within the "Berloga" hotel there is a Finnish Sauna with a swimming pool,  a small "waterfall" and a pleasant lounge. 

Sauna with a swimming pool
One session cost 1 800 Р/hour (up to 6 people)
4 hours and more 1 500 Р/hour (up to 8 people)
Weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
One extra person — 200 roubles

The minimum payment is for 2 hours. Children under 5 years old  get it for free. 

Working time: 24/7 (at customers’ request)

Booking tel.: +7 961 710 3444