Booking terms

Payment and tariffs period

For individuals: the cash payment is done upon settlement or else as a non cash payment.

For businesses: non cash bank transfer or cash payment upon settlement. A company can make a 100% advance payment by cash.

When making a noncash transfer the fee must arrive in the hotel’s bank account not later than 3 working days before the check-in date. If the payment has been made, but it hasn’t arrived within the stated time it is necessary to contact the booking department and send the copy of the bank transfer order by fax +7 (3843) 900-222. If the payment transfer hasn’t been made it is possible to replace it with a cash payment. On such occasions the application will be annulled.

The payment for the services is to be made within 2 working days after the confirmation receipt or not later than 3 working days before the check-in date. When booking at short notice (less than 3 working days before the check-in), the client must pay the order on the confirmation day.

Application status

An application is considered canceled upon the receipt of written or oral notification from the booking department of the "Olga" hotel with an indication of the reason for refusal.

An application is considered confirmed upon the receipt of written or oral confirmation from the booking department of the "Olga" hotel . The confirmed applications can have two different statuses:

  • Guaranteed booking is the status which an application gets if the hotel service has been paid for in advance or the organization which does the booking has an agreement with "Green Ltd". This is the type of booking which guarantees the availability of rooms within the paid period of time. For instance, a room booked from December 1st to December the 5th is going to be available within 24 hours regardless of whether the Guest has arrived or not. However, if the Guest hasn’t arrived the services are regarded as fulfilled and the fee is not subject to a refund.
  • Unguaranteed booking is the kind of status which an application receives when accommodation is paid for upon settlement. This type of booking doesn’t guarantee the receipt of the accommodation fee by the hotel from the Guest who fails to arrive. When booking hotel rooms and services there are, at most, 3 days grace before the check-in. If there hasn’t been payment by then for the booking it can be annulled.

Booking cancelation

When there is an unguaranteed booking the cancelation is done automatically without any prior notification if the Guest hasn’t arrived at the hotel by the appointed booking cancelation time.

Booking cancelation without any prior notification is possible if the payment method stated in the application is a non cash bank transfer and the payment hasn’t been made within the appointed time.

With the guaranteed booking service the application cancelation can be made only by an individual or the business which performed the booking. To do so it is necessary to contact the booking department of "Green Ltd". in a written or oral form not later than 3 days before the check-in. An application is considered canceled upon the written or oral cancelation from the booking Department of the "Olga" hotel.

If the hotel has fulfilled its obligations but the application hasn’t been canceled no refund is provided!

In order to change the information in the confirmed application it is necessary to contact the "Olga" hotel Booking Department in written or oral form. The changes are considered confirmed once a written or oral confirmation is received from the "Olga" hotel booking department. If the hotel has fulfilled its obligations but the application hasn’t been changed no refund is provided! The hotel finds it possible to refuse such a request if such changes are impossible. In addition, the application is not canceled until an appropriate request is received from a person making the booking.


If an application has been cancelled (changed) in accordance with the present Rules, a refund for unrendered services is possible only after written application to the accountancy department of "Green Ltd."